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“Manzama gives the attorneys and business development staff at our firm the opportunity to monitor a wider range of news and social media sources to gain valuable insight about the issues that matter to them. Because Manzama can be tailored to each person’s individual interests and delivery preferences, our attorneys and staff are able to quickly identify relevant and timely information to help them stay well-versed on current trends and issues.”

Deborah L. Grimm, Library Research Manager, Husch Blackwell LLP

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“Manzama allows us to tailor Foley Insights for each of the attorneys in the firm. We can create unique reports for all attorneys so they have relevant content at their fingertips and are ready to have an intelligent conversation with clients about developments in their industries.”

Jeff Bois, Director or Library and Information Services, Foley Lardner

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“Manzama helps us to identify important new industry and regulatory developments that might affect our clients so that we can share these with them and serve them better.”

William Holmes, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

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“Manzama alerted us of a posting on a plaintiff firm website that involved one of our clients, and was inviting feedback from consumers on their experience with one of the client’s product lines. It was pretty clear that they were preparing for a class-action lawsuit.”

Kate Stoddard, Director of Business Development, Kelley Drye

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“When I first joined the firm, I asked some of the high profile attorneys, ‘what is it that you wish you had that you don’t?’ Several of them said, ‘we need information that is actionable’. With Manzama, we are now giving them information that they can actually use to call their clients and say, ‘we just saw this and we think something is going on that you need to be aware of.’”

Marianne Swallie, Director of Business Development and Client Relations, Lewis Roca and Rothgerber

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“Lawyers are really busy. This is a way to get the competitive intelligence to them that they need on a real time basis, in soundbites – that’s all they have time for. Manzama is the only product I know that can do that.”

Robin Gerard, Chief Marketing Officer, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, P.C.

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“A group of our finance attorneys learned through Manzama that a leading investment bank was looking to buy out smaller competitors, and they immediately alerted their client, a mid-sized investment bank, about the potential to be acquired. The lawyers really impressed their client by proactively providing them this level of intelligence about the industry.”

Hans Haglund, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Blank Rome

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“We have found Manzama to be an excellent addition to our Firm’s intelligence gathering capabilities. The tool is easy to work with, the support team is top notch and the information is uniformly high value.”

Murray Coffey, Chief Marketing Officer, Haynes Boone

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“By implementing Manzama, we have greatly reduced the time, effort and cost of aggregating and delivering news and competitive intelligence. The customization capabilities and broad scope of the Manzama platform have allowed us to take our competitive intelligence and news aggregation program to new heights.”

Bret Chapman, Chief Information Officer, Husch Blackwell LLP

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“One of the platform’s great appeals is that it aggregates all the salient information about both clients and competitors in one place. I no longer have to do ten different searches to find the intelligence I’m trying to gather. It’s all there in one place, and I can sort and view it according to client, industry group or even individual attorney. It’s made it much easier to monitor clients on a daily basis – both what’s being said about them in the new and what individuals are writing in blogs, on Twitter and in other social media.”

Elizabeth Bevins, Business Development Manager, Perkins Coie

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“I use Manzama because it searches not only traditional news sources, but also new media sources such as law firm blogs and social media platforms for timely and relevant information. It provides a very rich source of marketplace information for us. Using Manzama, we are making better strategic decisions for our lawyers.”

Steve Bell, Chief Client Development Officer, Womble Bond Dickinson


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