Use Case – Content Publishing

Content Publishing, Client Alerts & Newsletter Automation for Organizations
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Enjoy the possibilities.

An organization’s publishing requirements can vary depending on the individual, department, or client that they’re meant for. That’s why we’ve created multiple possibilities for users to curate and publish alerts, reports, and newsletters both within and outside of their organizations. With Manzama’s Publish, team members have the ability to curate and create sections individually and then to combine them creating a final collaborative publication. Furthermore, Manzama’s Publish allows for the possibility of publishing on a recurring schedule that is automatically pulling content from saved searches within Manzama. You’ll also enjoy pre-built template options, which will save time and effort when under tight deadlines.

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Let your style shine.

Your organization has worked hard to develop its brand standards so we’ve worked hard to make sure your publication stays within its brand guidelines.  “Firm Styles” allows you the ability to easily create publication templates that match your brand. Individual users also have the ability to build their own styles. Both style options allow for the editing and styling of headers, titles, dates, headlines, colors, text and links. Stay true to your brand by publishing with Manzama.

Put newsletters and alerts on autopilot.

Manzama Publish allows users to auto-publish both newsletters and alerts. Build detailed searches in our system,  select the individuals or groups to receive the newsletter or alert, and then select the days and times you’d like it sent.  The selected content automatically populates the newsletter or alert and is emailed on the schedule that you determine.  Content marketing and thought leadership made easy!

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Curate publications as a team.

The old saying of “many hands make light work” holds true in just about every organization. That’s why it’s vitally important to have collaboration capabilities within an enterprise level publishing tool. With Manzama Publish, individuals can now build, edit, and save curated sections which can then be easily accessed and compiled into a final publication.

Save time with saved searches.

We get it, time is money and doing things quicker helps the bottom line. That’s why we’ve made it possible to skip the flagging and folder process altogether and instead allow our users to import their saved searches directly into the publishing environment. After search results are imported, users can quickly select the articles they’d like included and then hit publish saving valuable time and effort.

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See who opens and what they read.

Ever wonder if people are opening and reading your publications? With Manzama Publish, you’ll be able to see who is and who isn’t reading your publications and also which articles are of interest to your audience. Better understand your reader audience, fine-tune your content mix, and give your readership the content that they value most.


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